1. Why people go on African Safari

June 27, 2011
Beautiful African Safari Wild Animals

From Africa’s beautiful animal safaris with its abundant animal heritage in its natural surrounding of animal facts, the people around these animals and the existing animal trends in Africa. Africa has always been flocked with people from all walk of life.

Young and small rich and poor and from a great diversity. History can speak for itself when the Western powers came to the subcontinent, they found beautiful places with plenty of wildlife to hunt and also as a source of food. With plenty of hides and skins business also flourished in this venture while maximizing the utilization of the animal resources available. 

Africa is blessed the best flora and fauna, a jungle where one would love to be, plenty of beautiful African safari animal pictures to take and the home of the best African Safari you can ever imagine.

The African wild animals watching can be fun. Plenty of people flock African safari  jungles, forest and national parks for a glimpse of their lifetime which can only be captured live with the naked eye with all the perceptions from the smell of the soil to the gentle breeze which these African animals use; being a predator or a pray or vise versa the hunter and the hunted.

Africa with plenty of international and domestic modern airports has made Africa safaris to be easily accessible from any corner of the world. The projection of the media about the bounty of African wild animals is so marvelous and anyone would love to be part of the making of a movie, caption or even a participant of the crew either in camping, tracking or on a land rover plodding along the thickets and bushes of the African jungles and forests. From east to the west of Africa, north and south, African safaris are of different variety but all geared to your test of African wild animals.  

Who isn’t amazed by the natural wonders of the world? Africa is blessed with an amazing number of them. The great African Animal migration along the Kenya Tanzania border gives a spectacular animal migration which is not only breath taking but also making your African Safari a real African Safari to remember. With plenty of wild animals of all sizes, Africa has the biggest; and animals and the big five (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino) along the African Savannah to the little African pangolin and not forgetting the African big reptiles and birds too.

Africa has many safari attraction which can only be experienced not on television but with the naked eye as only beautiful memories are made of these beautiful African animals while one is on a great holiday in Africa


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I went on an African safari, and it failed miserably. I almost got eaten by a mountain lion.

  1. Maulin said...:

    There are no mountain lions in Africa - only regular lions

  1. African safries are the best place to visit. I have visited this place once. I seen many animals at that place.