16. How African safaris and wild animals have transformed people

June 29, 2011
People from all walk of life love Africa not only because of its flora and fauna but for its natural bond with all its events which take place either natural or manmade. Whoever dreams of visiting Africa for its amazing safaris or has been there, the urge to go back and have another extraordinary African experience in the safaris always there to be fulfilled once again. With every experience which  you take, nature brings its own wonders which we only have a glimpse to explore its beauty as time is always not on our side or the tantalizing moment just passes within a blink of a second, while most people want to fulfill their ego and pride of having accomplished and visited most of the African safari destinations and holidays resorts, the experiences have always been different right from an infant to scientist or for just someone flying across the African continent. An African safari vacation comprising of two weeks only gives you an African iceberg where gorges valleys, estuaries and levees are yet to be explored. There are always endless of African sightseeing opportunities to be explored and experienced from the horn of Africa across the Equator and way down to the Cape of Good Hope.
With the consolidation of land African national parks and African safari travels there has been a realization of giving back to nature what it has always been giving us as. Despite the fact that nature can sustain itself for millions of years as it has already been designed for. Its human nature which infringes the natural process of nature for the quest of an African safari though in the main with the intention of appreciating it while in the whole exploiting its reserves and natural wonder and enrichment.

With the advent of eco friendly African safari travels, a variety of hot air balloon are encompassing what it takes to be eco friendly with nature and the highest spiritual level. Taking that giant step of bungy into that African safari hot air balloon already levitates you into a different spiritual being. The urge to see the spectacular sights, the pleasure of the wind blowing across your entire body and the natural fragrance of the African escarpments, right valleys     But what if you want variations? What is there to do?
Balloon Safari is an unrivalled vacation and holiday activity. This is not all about just animals this also about luxury and the experience. The thrill of riding something, the balloon, with you not controlling anything and feeling a certain independence give another level of African safari tours excitement. As your body lift you feel as if it was such a foolish idea of engaging in such activity but as the time goes on and you see the beautiful nature right in front of you then all efforts is well paid. A balloon safari is best during the great migration, in which you will witness the drama of life live right i front of you. Best locations for a balloon safari are Serengeti, Kilimanjaro and Great rift Safari.  The great animal migration is always the perfect time to have this African amazing safari experience, just a few meters gliding along the savannah and animal terrain offers a spectacular vie for you and your loved ones to enjoy.
For those water loving funs, Africa offers some of the most beautiful white sand beaches along its coast. With plenty of available luxurious affordable hotels with both African cousins and chef special continental cousins, busking in the African sun with just the moderate temperature and friendly atmosphere brings you even closer to home. Deep see diving, big fish hunting and just taking a crouse on an African dhow accompanied with all the best traditional African musical sounds on the back ground are just too good to be forgotten. With plenty of historical places along the African coast, adventures are always unending. With every hotel along the beach also offers swimming pools of the state of the art with Jacuzzis and fitness centers for those who still want to keep fit while still on holidays


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