Archeologically, East Africa is of world wide interest, being the discovery site or some extremely important excavations and findings, notably by the Leakey family, which have gone a long way towards establishing East Africa as the birthplace of early man. The most recent area to attract palaeoanthropologists the world over is lake Turkana in the north of Kenya, where Dr Richard Leakey has made some truly spectacular finds in the field of research, with his discovery of the ‘1470 Man’.
The Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, popularly referred to as the ‘Cradle of mankind’ is the site where in 1959 Dr Louis Leakey discovered the skull of Zinjanthropus or “nutcracker man” believed to have lived 1.75 million years ago.
A day trip should be made from Nairobi to the Olorgesaille Site, also discovered by the late Dr Louis and Mrs. Leakey, approximately 25 miles from Nairobi. The site is unique for the very large number of hand axes and other tools which have been found.